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Diagnosed with breast cancer that is removable by a lumpectomy
(up to 3.5cm in size)

Invasive ductal cancer
TARGIT-IORT during lumpectomy is likely to be suitable
  • Long term efficacy proven - comparable cancer outcomes with whole breast radiotherapy
  • Lower toxicity and fewer side effects
  • Fewer deaths from other causes - (eg. heart attacks, lung cancers etc) - reduced from 9.85% to 5.41% at 12 years follow up
  • Improved overall survival if grade 1 or grade 2 with no detriment if grade 3
  • Less pain
  • Cosmetically superior results
  • In 8 out of 10 cases, radiotherapy is finished during the surgery and no further radiotherapy is necessary
*A larger tumour is more likely to need treatment with a mastectomy
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