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Main results of the TARGIT-A trial

The long-term outcomes of breast cancer patients treated with TARGIT-IORT during lumpectomy surgery, comparing it with whole breast post-operative radiotherapy, are published in two major papers:

British Medical Journal 2020 and British Journal of Cancer 2021.

 They were also described in Int J Rad Oncol Biol Physics (Red Journal) 2023

A comparison of various breast cancer radiation therapy approaches is published in the British Journal of Cancer 2021

A description of global adoption of TARGIT-IORT for treating breast cancer is published in Frontiers in Oncology 2022

All the individual graphs shown below were originally published in the BMJ Aug 2020 and BJC May 2021 papers. 

The middle figure 2 (local control) is reproduced from BJC May 2021 supplementary material

Main results of TARGIT-A trial comparing TARGIT-IORT during lumpectomy vs whole breast ext
Local control with TARGIT-IORT during lupectomy vs whole breast external beam post-operati

Overall survival benefit for women with grade 1 or 2 breast cancers

Overall surival benefit of TARGIT-IORT during lumpectomy for breast cancer.png
Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 06.06.07.png
TARGIT-IORT benefit in perspective.jpg
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