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TARGIT-IORT outcomes from the TARGIT-A trial.png
TARGIT-IORT results of TARGIT-A trial.png

Note: As per the original trial protocol, as part of the risk-adapted approach, about 20% of patients allocated TARGIT-IORT were expected to receive whole breast radiotherapy due to factors found in post-operative microscopic examination of the tumour specimen.

This approach allows individualised and personalised treatment for each patient.

A tool to help decide when to use of additional radiotherapy is available at here or 

The short-term and long-term results of those received additional whole breast radiotherapy did not differ from those who did not or from those who were allocated whole breast radiotherapy.


At 5 years' complete follow up, local recurrence (LR) and death rates (Deaths) were: 

Allocated TARGIT-IORT during lumpectomy       LR 2.11%,   Deaths 3.7%, 

Allocated TARGIT-IORT received no EBRT           LR 2.35%,   Deaths 3.1%

Allocated Whole breast radiotherapy                   LR 0.95%,   Deaths 4.8%


The local control rates are shown in the figure below:

Figure 2.png


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