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Use of supplemental whole breast radiotherapy after TARGIT-IORT during lumpectomy for breast cancer - a decision-aid


You may use the top part of this page as a decision-aid. 

Fill in the patient and tumour details and click Calculate.

Purple and green bars will be shown. They give the proportion of similar patients in the TARGIT-A trial who did or did not receive additional whole breast radiotherapy after receiving TARGIT-IORT during lumpectomy.

You may use only this part as a decision-aid about the use of additional radiotherapy.

Once the decision about treatment is taken, the bottom part of this page presents 5-year survival estimates based on the patient characteristics and the treatment, extrapolated from the outcomes of the TARGIT-A trial (n=2298).

DO NOT use these survival estimates as a decision-aid about the use of additional EBRT.

Details about this tool are published in British Journal of Cancer

This web-tool is based on a regression model is using the data from the TARGIT-A trial. It has a sensitivity of 71%, a specificity of 67%, and correct classification rate of 68% for predicting the use of supplemental EBRT in an individual patient. 

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