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Modern breast cancer radiotherapy: comparisons

Here are some scientific papers comparing modern radiotherapy techniques:
Targeted radiotherapy for early breast cancer

Jayant S Vaidya, Max Bulsara, Frederik Wenz, Jeffrey S Tobias, David Joseph, Michael Baum

The Lancet: Vol 291, No 10115, p 26-27, 6 Jan 2018

Risk-adapted TARGIT-IORT during lumpectomy for breast cancer - as effective as whole breast radiotherapy with lower non-breast cancer mortality. 
Including comments about Fast-Forward 5-day high-dose compressed radiotherapy regimen

Intraoperative radiation therapy for breast cancer: a patient's view (about GEC-ESTRO trial of brachytherapy)

The Lancet  VOLUME 387, ISSUE 10031, P1904-1905, MAY 07, 2016

Breast cancer radiation therapy (about Fast Forward trial)

The Lancet Vol 396, No 10262, p 1558-1559, 14 Nov 2020

Intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer: powerful evidence to change practice

Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology volume 18, pages187–188. Jan 2021


Single-dose intraoperative radiotherapy during lumpectomy for breast cancer: an innovative patient-centred  treatment  

British Journal of Cancer  volume 124, pages1469–1474, Feb 2021

Principles of Cancer Treatment by Radiotherapy 

Surgery (Oxford) 15 Jan 2024 


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BJC paper on partial breast irradiation and TARGIT-IORT for breast cancer Feb 2021.png
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